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  • At Studio XP, the hardest taskmasters are ourselves. For us, only the very best is good enough. We combine our exceptionally talented team with the supremely dedicated workforce, using the rarest of materials to create perfection. We regard outstanding quality as a defining principle to create a performance driven environment for all stakeholders / teams for better quality product with improved trust.


    Interior design including space planning, interior layout, look and feel, technical specifications, bill of quantities & standard project designers scope of services as per industry norms.


    Project management services is undertaken in various stages of the project to achieve the final goal of the project, that is delivery of the project within budget, quality and stipulated time line which is the prime objective of project management.


    Design & build - commonly known as WMP / GMP - Warranted / Gauranteed Maximum Price. Our effort is to provide One Stop solutions to our Clients through Design , Project Management and Execution encompassed services since inception till completion of the project and seamless transition to the end users.

    Cost Audit Consultancy

    Includes complete bill certifications / Audits of checked Bills, Measurement verifications at Site and through drawings for hidden works, Rate Analysis and Audit of Extra Item Approvals and provide final Cost Control Report to Client.

    Quantity Surveying

    Cost planning and commercial management throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion including Procurement Advice, Tender Analysis, Contract Administration, cost management, Payment Certifications and Variation Process Management till commercial closure of the project.

    Graphic Design

    Includes Corporate Branding and trendy design ideas for Visual Communication of the mission, vision, ideologies and principles of the companies / establishments and motivating people around.

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